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Philip Mantione

Philip Mantione has been professionally active in the audio and music industry as a composer, guitarist, synthesist, technologist, music copyist, multimedia artist, writer, and educator for over 30 years. He was a senior contributor for The Pro Audio Files for six years.

He is an experienced Max/MSP programmer and has produced numerous music projects and multimedia installations that have been presented in festivals, galleries, and museums around the world. His latest project, Triangular Bent, was a collaboration with virtuoso circuit bender, Jeff Boynton, and Don Preston – original founding member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention.

Mantione has worked on dozens of feature films, Broadway shows, concert and TV productions including Austin Powers, Gattaca, Batman and Robin, Men in Black, The Full Monty, The Rock Horror Show, Hairspray, Spamalot, Nine, Audra McDonald,  and many more. He currently teaches music technology and acoustics courses at Los Angeles Film School, Los Angeles College of Music, and Mt. San Antonio College.

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Ian Vargo

Music and sound design by Ian Vargo has been heard on broadcast television, nationally televised ad campaigns, award-winning films, and viral web content that has amassed over 30 million views. Notable clients include Disney | ABC, Intel, MSNBC, Airbnb, EA Games, and many more.

Ian has worked out of studios in Chicago and Los Angeles, where he has been a part of records for bands including OneRepublic, Panic! At the Disco, Plain White T’s, and more. He has worked on major labels (Universal, Interscope, Hollywood) and independent records. 

Ian is also an educator and has taught at several colleges including Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), The Los Angeles College of Music, and the Art Institute of California. He has an endless hunger for learning, loves to teach, and is always looking for new collaborators.

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Brandon Allshouse has been operating Steel House Mastering professionally for about 8 years now, where he has had the pleasure of working with artists from all over the globe including Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), members of Snarky Puppy, Xanman, and more. Brandon also has two ISSA Gold Records to his name. When he isn’t mastering music, he also enjoys cooking, cycling, and playing lead guitar in the band Practically Paradise.

Jeff Boynton is a DIY artist/musician living in Los Angeles. He studied Theory and Composition, and Electronic Music at Northern Illinois University from 1974-77. He joined I.R.S. Records recording artist Wazmo Nariz in 1978 as keyboardist, which toured the United States and Europe both as headliner and in support of such groups as The Police, Devo, XTC, and the B-52s. The band was dissolved in 1981. In 1993, Jeff composed music for “Super Illusion”, which toured 11 cities throughout Japan with the Bolshoi Circus from Moscow, Russia.

Brendan Byrnes currently works as a Senior Audio Engineer at Sirius XM, engineering and sound designing podcasts such as LeVar Burton Reads, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Sound Detectives, and the Mel Robbins Podcast. He also works as a mix engineer and composer for TV and film in Los Angeles. You can hear his microtonal music and learn more at brendanbyrnes.com

Joshua Carney is a lifelong musician, composer, music producer, mixing and mastering engineer, and educator in the fields of music, audio production, and contemporary music technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Grand Valley State University and a Master of Music in Music Composition from Central Michigan University. In his role as Program Manager of Music Production Online at The Los Angeles Film School, Carney plays a pivotal role in shaping the program and is responsible for developing video and textual content for both Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs. He has also taught music technology courses at the University of Tampa, St. Petersburg College, IADT, and Central Michigan University. Carney is the owner of Carney Media Group, and has produced content for The Tonight Show, Native Instruments, Antares, UVI, EastWest, Soundtheory, Boombox.io, SKAA Audio, and many more. He has produced, mixed, and mastered music for artists worldwide, spanning a multitude of genres. Check out Carney’s YouTube channel–MusicTechHelpGuy.

Alex Haisting is a Technical Sound Designer for games working at Team Audio. There, he works with an array of AAA clients designing and implementing audio systems into games, as well as creating sound effects. With a strong passion for acoustics, he spends a lot of his time researching new methodologies of simulating acoustics for games as well as creating his own custom tools for Unreal Engine. He attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and received his Master of Fine Arts in Sound Design. Outside of work, he enjoys working with 3D printing, working on projects around the house, and doing personal projects in Unreal Engine.

Jeff Kaiser is a composer, performer, music producer, and professor of music technology. While classically trained on the trumpet, as well as composition and conducting, Kaiser now explores more experimental territory that involves his trumpet and new technologies in the form of custom interactive/generative software and hardware interfaces he designs. As a producer and promoter of new music, he has owned and operated several record labels. He has a great love of Reaper and you can read more at Why Reaper?  For more details on his work, please go to https://jeffkaiser.com/

Andrew Nixon is an accomplished jazz pianist and composer whose music has been broadcast on jazz radio stations around the country and the world. After several years of playing keyboards in rock and blues bands, he began studying jazz with pianist/composer Paul Hofmann (Eastman School of Music) and later earned a Masters degree in Music Theory from the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he also studied classical piano and composition. In addition to performing, composing, recording and mixing, Nixon teaches privately to a full roster of 50+ students.  His first two jazz trio albums of original compositions with the group Nixon, Croft and Goretti. have garnered critical acclaim:

“Nixon’s composing is as seemingly effortless as his playing, which makes light of what are often quite complex tunes.” Chris May (All About Jazz)
“Apart from composing, (Andrew) Nixon is a stand out pianist who swings like the long gone greats but still lives in the present” (BebopSpokenHere).

You can listen to his music here.

Jonathan Ontiveros is a sound designer and content creator with roughly 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He worked as Lead Sound Designer for Audio Design Desk, a new innovative software that has earned multiple awards such as NAB’s Product of the Year, and has been credited on productions for popular streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. His passion for audio originates from his background as a musician with over 15 years of experience playing guitar and performing at live events. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production and has an insatiable thirst for new technology and a natural curiosity regarding sound in general.


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